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About Us and How to Navigate the Site

How to Navigate the Site

One hundred and fourteen can be an exhaustive number. That is exactly the number of cartoons that have been archived on this website. The cartoons detail a variety of events from the 1870s to the early 1960s. We have compiled these cartoons into collections and exhibits in order to simplify and improve your experience with this website. Clicking the Items tag on the navigation bar will show you a list of ten cartoons per page, should you want to explore in that way. However for your convenience it is best to browse the items in collections or exhibits.

Be aware that currently, when you click through the images in collections, it does not stop you when you exit one collection and enter another. We understand this can be confusing and we will hopefully have this function fixed as soon as possible.

Exhibits can be viewed by clicking the tab above. The cartoons that are displayed in the exhibits have been sorted into categories that are similar or identical to the ones designated in the collections. Exhibits however, offer a more streamlined and cohesive grouping of the cartoons. Some of the exhibits also differ from the collections in that they have been supplemented with documents or links to related materials. The Monroe Doctrine Exhibit for example, has a link to the text of the Monroe Doctrine.

This site was built to serve as an archive for the James Monroe Political cartoon collection. In the end however it has become so much more. Viewers can use this site to study the political cartoons, view exhibits that have been compiled, gain insights of the value of political cartoons in the classroom as well as an introduction to the lives and history of famous cartoonists.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

To find out a little about each member of this group, simply click their name below and you will be linked to their eportfolio.