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May I Peep Through This Knothole?

Looks like Herbert Hoover is trying to get a one up on the Republicans! 1936 was an election year and Republican candidate, Alfred Landon, was doing his best to attack the New Deal plans that Democratic nominee, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was putting into play as president. Herbert Hoover was still popular with the democrats at this time and was doing…

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

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What is the difference between these two drawings? A noticeable shift in public opinion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt occurred from his election in 1936 to his campaigning for a third term in 1940, . Shown here in 1936 with his sidekick, Postmaster General John Farley, FDR is seen a clear leader. However, by the time of the election in 1940,…