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President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, depicted here, represented the two opposing political sides of the debate over how to solve the Great Depression. Hoover represented the Republican and FDR represented the Democrats. However it seems that no one has the solution.

Would Flit Have Been Better?

Those pesky flies! In an attempt to recharge the New Deal, FDR made an attempt to “purge” democratic members of the Senate who were opposed to his economic policies. In this process FDR backed liberal challengers for senate seats versus the incumbent in the 1938. The purge turned out to be one of the worst political missteps in FDR’s presidency, as…

Taken For A Ride?
This cartoon provides a glimpse at the debate of whether FDR should be allowed a third term as President. The Gallup Poll shown represents a public opinion poll conducted by a non-government organization known as the Institute of Public Opinion.[1] This cartoon shows how the majority of the nation was not in favor of FDR receiving a third…

New England Ravaged by a Hurricane
What hit New England? A nasty hurricane that’s what. This cartoon was published September 22, 1938, one day after the worse storm in New England history. “The Yankee Clipper,” “The Long Island Express” “The Great New England Hurricane.” All were nicknames given to the deadly storm. As a result of the rains of the storm sections of Falmouth and New…

Hornet's Nest
In the eyes of many American citizens the legislative measures enacted by the Roosevelt Administration to help bring an end to the recession were nothing more than “wild spending” and new taxes. The attitude of the cartoonist was that these programs simply aggravated the “hornet’s nest” that was the current economic downturn and increased the…

The Old Coin Tossing Game
Similarly to the Hornet’s Nest cartoon, this image refers to the 1938 recession. The Great Depression in 1929 came as a result of the collapse of the credit system. Easy money caused stocks to boom, encouraged speculation, and encouraged higher wages and prices. The system was a “coin tossing game” however, and when the credit failed the whole…

The Protectorate of Japan
Japan seems to have a very good deal going on for itself! This cartoon explains how China fell under Japanese rule in 1938 and how because of this law, no other country could go to its aid and get rid of Japan.


However Hitler may not exactly be saluting! In 1938 the United States was demanding the repayment of Austria’s debt after Hitler invaded and assumed control of the country. The United States believed that despite the change in government, the country should still be accountable for their debt. The U.S. insisted that Hitler should repay all the…