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And 1940 is a Leap Year

Leap Years, in which the month of February has an extra day, occur only once every four years. On that extra day, marvelous and extraordinary things can happen.

As it turns out, the 1940 was a leap year, and also a presidential election year. In a marvelous event, Incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigned and was successfully elected to a third…

I Kinda Think 1940 is Going to be a Young Man's Year

In 1940 the Democratic presidential candidate was incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Republican party was made up of a diverse group of political hopefuls: Hoover, Vandenberg, La Guardia, Taft, Barton, Lodge, and Dewey. A photo of each is presented with the age of the candidates, the oldest being Herbert Hoover at 65 and the youngest being Dewey…

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

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What is the difference between these two drawings? A noticeable shift in public opinion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt occurred from his election in 1936 to his campaigning for a third term in 1940, . Shown here in 1936 with his sidekick, Postmaster General John Farley, FDR is seen a clear leader. However, by the time of the election in 1940,…

The Slide Show
The 1940 presidential election was particularly significant for FDR as he was seeking his third presidential term. At this time there was no law indicating that the president could only serve two terms and FDR was furiously campaigning to seek a third nomination. He is shown in this cartoon as trying to sway possible Republican voters over to his…