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The Cup That Cheers

Straw polls, or a straw vote is an “unofficial ballot conducted as a test of public opinion. Here the Republicans and the Democrats are competing to “drink” the most straw vote results. The Democratic Party had been in power since 1932. According to Gallup polls President Roosevelt’s approval ratings steadily grew throughout…

No Questions Permitted

While the public clearly wants President Franklin D. Roosevelt to head towards a “peace Aims” Destination, FDR clearly doesn’t want to keep the public in the know. During World War II, the United States was involved with the Lend Lease Bill which provided aid to allied countries. While the Bill displayed a patriotic sentiment, the American public…

Our Deepest Sympathy Mr. President

On September 7, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt lost his mother, Sara.[1] Sara Roosevelt was 86 at the time of her passing. The act of Uncle Sam sympathizing with FDR shows how the nation as a whole could relate to the president. This was an especially trying time for Roosevelt as his mother was his only remaining parent after his father, James, passed…

Who Was That Convoy I Saw You With Last Night?

Convoy or patrol? That is the question. FDR is shown here explaining that his perceived naval convoy is in fact just a naval patrol. This distinction was very important to FDR as the American public disapproved of his naval expenses. FDR maintained that the naval build up was strictly for defensive purposes in the years leading up to World War…