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The candidates are melting! We see potential Republican nominees for the 1952 Presidential elections, Thomas Dewey of New York, Robert Taft of Ohio, and Harold Stassen of Minnesota. Watching the snowmen melt is President Truman, who hoping for their quick disappearance from the Presidential race. General MacArthur is the melted snowman, and…

Just One Big Party---On This Issue

1948 marked the historic presidential election between Dewey and Truman. Walking with their arms linked, Truman and Dewey seem pretty buddy-buddy. The anonymous chap labeled “J. Public,” looks pretty happy too. For once all the parties AND the public can agree on something!

General, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

The budget for Harry Truman’s presidential inauguration in 1949 was the “most elaborate and expensive Inauguration” to date. Truman’s Inauguration was also the first ceremony to be broadcasted live on television. Truman is pictured in the cartoon next to a statue of Andrew Jackson, who was President in 1829. Jackson’s…

Monroe's Wisdom

President Lyndon B. Johnson doesn’t look so well. Though he is appealing to a portrait of Monroe for advice, it doesn’t look like the President is finding what he seeks. In fact, Johnson was elevating American involvement in the Vietnam War, a very unpopular war with the public. He tried to use the policies in the Monroe Doctrine to…