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May I Peep Through This Knothole?

Looks like Herbert Hoover is trying to get a one up on the Republicans! 1936 was an election year and Republican candidate, Alfred Landon, was doing his best to attack the New Deal plans that Democratic nominee, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was putting into play as president. Herbert Hoover was still popular with the democrats at this time and was doing…

Just Who is Head Mahout Around Here?

The term “mahout” is used in South/South East Asia to refer to a person who works with or rides elephants. The symbol of the G.O.P is also an elephant. Ron A. Lewis here makes an ironic illustration on the uncertainty of who will be the “head” rider of the Republican party, as in 1940 there was not a strong candidate for the…

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, depicted here, represented the two opposing political sides of the debate over how to solve the Great Depression. Hoover represented the Republican and FDR represented the Democrats. However it seems that no one has the solution.