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I Kinda Think 1940 is Going to be a Young Man's Year

In 1940 the Democratic presidential candidate was incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Republican party was made up of a diverse group of political hopefuls: Hoover, Vandenberg, La Guardia, Taft, Barton, Lodge, and Dewey. A photo of each is presented with the age of the candidates, the oldest being Herbert Hoover at 65 and the youngest being Dewey…

Dragging It Out Again
President Franklin D. Roosevelt is once again dragging out his “political halo” tor the upcoming election year of 1940. Brought out from his “Hope Chest”, this symbolizes FDR’s hope to be elected for a third term. Clearly the artist thinks FDR was being presumptuous in trying for a third term.

"Wings Over the Pacific"

Death does fly in on swift wings. On December 7th, 1941, the naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by Japan in an aerial assault. Flying in from the Pacific, the United States lost both battleships and aircraft, suffering the loss of 2, 402 Americans, The attack on Pearl Harbor was the first foreign attack on American soil in over a…