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Just One Big Party---On This Issue

1948 marked the historic presidential election between Dewey and Truman. Walking with their arms linked, Truman and Dewey seem pretty buddy-buddy. The anonymous chap labeled “J. Public,” looks pretty happy too. For once all the parties AND the public can agree on something!

No Questions Permitted

While the public clearly wants President Franklin D. Roosevelt to head towards a “peace Aims” Destination, FDR clearly doesn’t want to keep the public in the know. During World War II, the United States was involved with the Lend Lease Bill which provided aid to allied countries. While the Bill displayed a patriotic sentiment, the American public…

All in the same Boat
Under FDR the government began to instate many policies to centralize and increase the control that was held over many of industries. Keynesian economics argued that people would need to accept an increase of government regimentation as consumers, farmers, businesses and industries in order for the economy to make improvements. The image below…

Economic Fascinations
Isn’t magic fascinating? The American public depicted here seems to think so. They are so enthralled by Uncle Sam’s tricks they appear as naive as a child, blinded by faith in only what they see. The cartoonist, Herbert Johnson, drew multiple sketches on depicting the American economic situation in the early 20th century. Clearly he thinks the…


Politics is a dirty business. The fights that the two parties get themselves into often can resemble a boxing match. In this image Democrats and Republicans are engaged in a violent tousle while the American public looks on as a cautious referee. It is not certain if there was a certain year or political campaign which the author was describing…