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The candidates are melting! We see potential Republican nominees for the 1952 Presidential elections, Thomas Dewey of New York, Robert Taft of Ohio, and Harold Stassen of Minnesota. Watching the snowmen melt is President Truman, who hoping for their quick disappearance from the Presidential race. General MacArthur is the melted snowman, and…

Song to Poland

Can Hitler carry a tune? Doesn’t look like it. Here we see Hitler singing the words to the song “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes” by Ruth Etting. Hitler’s emotional singing is directed to Poland. In the same year that Andrew K. Reynolds received this cartoon, Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939.

War Needs

It seems the War is in need of some new supplies. Here we see Administrator of the Office of Price Administration Leon Washington staring down the personification of the American public, John Q. Public. Created in 1942 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Office of Price Administration had the authority to regulate the price of nearly all…


Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of...power? This cartoonist is comparing United States senator John L. Lewis with Hitler because both men were against major social reform. Lewis was a strong opponent of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and his hatred for the coddling of the working man is comparable to Hitler’s own, according to this…

He Can't Take Much More
The world looks like he cannot take much more! Commenting on the tensions various nations had with each other before World War II, the artist here is commenting on how eventually the world will soon explode with conflict.

Looks like Uncle Sam is going in for an upgrade! This 1908 cartoon shows how throughout most of the early twentieth century the United States went through many technological advances. With European powers acting as competition the United States was feeling the pressure to be competitive with Europe, especially with World War I approaching.

"Boys Will Have Fun"

Seems like France and Italy are going to continue toying with England! 1937 was a year in which England was beginning to face serious fighting with Germany. When they looked to France and Italy for possible aid they found that there would be much consideration on theri part, but end up making no serious commitment. History Learning Site, Italy…

"The Three Musketeers Celebrate"

The Three Musketeers may not be so happy with the spin on their slogan. This celebration of the Axis powers took place in 1941, one year after Japan joined.

"Wings Over the Pacific"

Death does fly in on swift wings. On December 7th, 1941, the naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by Japan in an aerial assault. Flying in from the Pacific, the United States lost both battleships and aircraft, suffering the loss of 2, 402 Americans, The attack on Pearl Harbor was the first foreign attack on American soil in over a…

"Spontaneous Combustion?"

Looks like Hitler is going to try and put that fire out! Originally declaring its neutrality in 1939, Romania was eventually drawn into the Axis side of the war when approached with a potential invasion by the Nazi’s. Unfortunately for Germany, after the tide of war turned against them, Romania turned to the allies and decided to help them in…