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Not to sure that ape of a General is going to listen to Lady Humanity or not! This cartoon is showing how travesty and destruction came with the Spanish Civil War. On July 11th, 1937, Bilbao Spain met a sad fate when a large battle took place and many died as a result.

"No Rest for the Wary"

Look at Italy go! He seems like he is doing his best to maintain neutrality and ignore other treaties being thrown at him, however, it seems like he will not be able to maintain this balancing act for much longer! Especially with this balancing act happening in 1939 and World War II approaching!

The Protectorate of Japan
Japan seems to have a very good deal going on for itself! This cartoon explains how China fell under Japanese rule in 1938 and how because of this law, no other country could go to its aid and get rid of Japan.


Although the World looks relieved now, it may not be for long! This cartoonist is describing a meeting between Nazi Germany and the countries France and England, focusing on the peace terms met in an event called the “Second Armistice at Compiègne .” This event occurred right after Hitler took over France and part of the English…

"Hands Across the Sea"

Looks like Britain is very thankful for what America is giving them in this World War II cartoon! The artist Charles Kuhn illustrates what the United States gave Britain as a result of FDR’s Lend-Lease act of 1941. Britain, who was struggling in their fight with Germany, appreciated all that the United States had to give them in terms of…

"Anchor's Aweigh!"

That is some heavy lifting going on there! The anchor that was the Neutrality Acts of the 1930s, which were made to prevent the United States from being drawn into the war in Europe leading up to World War II, is being lifted and the battleship that is the United States is about to go sailing off and into World War II. U.S Department of State:…

"Some Skiing!"

Good thing Europe made that landing! In the late 1930s Europe had been trying to avoid the inevitable doom that would be World War II. Hitler was expanding his territory and his power and most of Europe seemed to be content to ignore the situation.


However Hitler may not exactly be saluting! In 1938 the United States was demanding the repayment of Austria’s debt after Hitler invaded and assumed control of the country. The United States believed that despite the change in government, the country should still be accountable for their debt. The U.S. insisted that Hitler should repay all the…

"If Adolf Can--Why Can't I?"

Looks like Benito Mussolini here is taking the whole “monkey see, monkey do” thing a little too seriously! Here artist Crawford is commenting on how Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator during World War II, took inspiration from Hitler. Hitler’s invasions into other countries convinced Mussolini that it was a good idea to do the…

"The Umbrella Man"

Anybody have an umbrella? Pre-World War II Europe was a Nazi storm. Hitler was flexing his muscles and seeing how far he could push his control into adjacent countries. Only one country in Europe was even pretending to stand up to him, and that was Great Britain. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, depicted here, saw the cloud of the Nazi storm…