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Tweele Dee versus Tweedle Dum
In 1939, the nation was split about how much monataryaid the United States should send to Britian for WWII. Politicians such as the President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and others were in favor of sending more aid, while many Americans criticized this goal. Many were of the opinion that the United States should stay out of Europe's war. In 1939 the…

As if there wasn't enough already

You’ve got issues? Trust me mine are worse! Spain, Palestine, China, and Russia’s all think their issues deserve priority. Prior to World War II, these nations appealed to the League of Nations to solve their problems.Palestine was not happy because its ruling power shifted from the Turks to Britain during World War I, Spain was not happy because…

Uh-Oh. Uncle Sam’s cannon won’t fire! It seems like the United States was suffering from damaging internal problems. Uncle Sam, AKA the Federal government is doing little or nothing to remedy them either. Among the debatable issues: The Civil Rights movement, Race riots, Vietnam War and the Red Scare.

Economic Fascinations
Isn’t magic fascinating? The American public depicted here seems to think so. They are so enthralled by Uncle Sam’s tricks they appear as naive as a child, blinded by faith in only what they see. The cartoonist, Herbert Johnson, drew multiple sketches on depicting the American economic situation in the early 20th century. Clearly he thinks the…

Looks like President Theodore Roosevelt is going to do some serious weeding of republicans! This 1900 cartoon by artist Barry Bartholomew is showing how Theodore Roosevelt, backed by Congress, worked on changing Republican beliefs early on in his presidency.