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"I'll be back in November"

Republican party has conned the Democratic Donkey out of its clothes in a game of poker. During the 1930s Maine held its Congressional elections in September, two months before the November election date. Thus, the G.O.P may have won the races in the September election but this image promotes the idea of a Democratic Party victory in…

"Spirit of Old Hickory"

Old donkey Hickory is not going down without a fight! Even though the Democrats lost New York in the 1920 election, their spirit did not waver! The democratic nominee, James Cox won over the south. However, Warren G. Harding won not only New York, but also the west, making him the winner of the Presidency, despite how much the Democrats fought. …


The year is between 1938 and 1939. A posterboard reads 'The Washington Monument has shrunk one inch since erected.' "I'll bet it's been within the last five years." A Republican Elephant sighs sorrowfully. During the Great Depression, Republicans felt as frustrated as this elephant. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, had taken office in 1933 and…

Suggestions for Further Improvements to Lafeyette Square

Lafayette Park is a large public park located directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. Here it has been changed from a public park into a parking lot. The sign being held by the statute states that parking for party members will be 25 cents but for economic royalists will costs 25 dollars. ‘

Economic Royalist’ was a term…

Counting the Points

Looks like the Republicans and the Democrats have been really going at it! 1940 was an election year and the two main fighters were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie. This cartoon in particular is showing how both candidates are evenly matched in their fight for the presidency.