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Still Looks Like the Old "Shelling Out" Game

Poor Primo, possibly an allusion to 1930s heavyweight champion Primo Carnera, is depicted as losing all his funds to exploiters. Carnera was ranked as the world heavyweight boxing champion 1933-1934. Some sources refer to Carnera’ as a “chattel athlete,” a foreign country bumpkin, exploited for his size and strength by a boxing…

Phillipine Trade

This cartoon depicts the conflicting attitudes on economic policy: protectionism versus free trade. Protectionists argued in support of high tariffs limiting the import of foreign goods into the American market. In the attitude of the artist below protectionists did not stand a chance against giant that was Philippine Trade.

The End of the Bemidji Powow

The general message of this cartoon is on the irony clinging to an American identity. Each of the groups in this cartoon is decorated with feathers signifying their claim to a true native American identity. In this image Suffragettes, Statesmen, Business men, and the Republican and Democratic party all have decorated themselves in Indian…

Why are the men in front of the cigar store looking at the man with the pipe like that? The form of tobacco a person smoked influenced how they were viewed by society. Whether an individual chose to smoke a pipe or a Havana Cigar could define their class identity. In this image the two men on the left appear to have some disdain for the man…

North, South, East and West
North, South, East and West. All are regions of the United States. Each man here represents one of those regions. Can you guess who is who?

Couldn’t figure it out? Neither could we. None of the men appear to adhere to any stereotypical representation. Each man looks like the other. What does that tell you about the United States? Are any…

The Light of Idealism
Lower your weapon, the hospital is a neutral territory. The light of the Red Cross can cut through any darkness of brutality or violence. The Red Cross was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton. In 1905 Congress issued a charter to the Red Cross to "carry on a system of national and international relief in time of peace and apply the same in mitigating…

Happy Dreams
Are you having happy dreams? This slumbering man is clearly dreaming of his victory. This political candidate hopeful dreams of political unity in the “Solid South, The West, Pennsylvania, New England, and New York.” During the early 20th century each of these regions developed a semi-unique political atmosphere.

Arkansas Representative
Robert Bruce Macon served as a representative to Congress from the state of Arkansas during the years 1903 to 1913. Macon was a member of the Democratic party and had served as a member of the Arkansas state house from 1883-1887. United States Congress. “Representative Robert Bruce Macon.” Biographical Directory of the United States…

Untitled: PUCK
During the period from 1890 to 1911, when this cartoon was published, the United States was experiences a mass influx of immigrants. Because big cities such as New York and Chicago became crowded with foreigners, many Americans sought refuge from the din in the country. However with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, industry trade enticed many…