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Items from "Monroe Doctrine & the Cold War": 13

They Seem To Have Relocated The Hub Of Our World

At the end of WWII, Stalin was turning his attentions West in an attempt to challenge democracy there. By assuming the leadership in organizing Western defense, the United States, here represented by the capitol building, provided an effective answer to this challenge.

The Atlantic Pact was a defensive alliance among states, but it was very…

No Tail Can Wag This Dog

This poor dog is unlucky. It has a grenade in its belly. After WWII the world erupted in a Cold War, where Soviet Russia and the United States faced off in an arms race. The United States was concerned with Soviet Russia’s attempts to spread Communism globally. If the pin of a grenade is pulled, it triggers the fatal blast. In this depiction the…

In 1965, the Cuban Missile Crisis had been over for two years. However tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union were still high. While Soviet nuclear warheads were no longer in Cuba, there was still covert operations helping Cuban Communist Leader Fidel Castro control the island. Warren King here clearly thought the U.S. has…