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Thanksgiving Wishbone

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President! Did you know that Thanksgiving was not always celebrated on the third Thursday of November?

Prior to 1939 Thanksgiving was always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, in accordance to President Lincoln’s 1863 Proclamation. President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to change the date of Thanksgiving at…

Here President Franklin D. Roosevelt is shown as a carnival hand prompting the personified Senate to knock down certain people. These people include Justice Owen Roberts, Alfred Smith, and Francis Biddle. This game represents the debate over the National Labor Relations Act (better known as the Wagner Act). Justice Smith is already knocked over in…

Clear and Much Cooler

Tracking the outcome of the 1938 Senatorial Primaries, FDR is looking to see the effects of his planned “purge” of the Senate. This “purge” consisted of FDR backing liberal challengers to incumbent senators from states who were opposed to his New Deal policies.[1] The plan would be considered one of FDR’s greatest missteps. [1]Susan Dunn.…

Prominent Toothaches in Washington

Oww. Looks like President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration have some terrible toothaches. Here he and his Vice President William Garner have toothaches that illustrate the nagging concerns of the day, such as the Great Depression. Alongside them is the Nation’s Businesses, whose toothache is representative of high taxes.

The possibility of receiving a third presidential term created a great deal of controversy for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Pictured here with some of his closest advisers Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes, Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins, and Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace, FDR is faced with an opposition of the GOP and…

A Sailboat, a June Night, and You
All aboard the ship to Jefferson Island! FDR is shown here with his Democratic Donkey companion setting sail to Jefferson Island located in the Chesapeake Bay. While the island was a vacation destination for the President this cartoon shows a more politically charged event. The President was known to host “stag parties” on the island for a great…

Fare Thee Well, For I Must Leave Thee
Have a nice trip President Roosevelt! FDR is seen here leaving the coast of California abroad one of his heavily armed naval vessels. In his parting words he says goodbye to “McAdoo”. He is referring to California Senator William McAdoo, who was a supporter of Roosevelt during his presidential campaigns.[1] [1]Arthur M. Schlesinger. The Age of…