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California senator Hiram Johnson does not look happy to be receiving the information detailed in the telegram in this image. The telegram informed him that President Calvin Coolidge was bestowing him with the honor of serving as postmaster in Oil City, PA. Postmaster was not an esteemed position and by figuratively placing Johnson there Coolidge…

Happy Dreams
Are you having happy dreams? This slumbering man is clearly dreaming of his victory. This political candidate hopeful dreams of political unity in the “Solid South, The West, Pennsylvania, New England, and New York.” During the early 20th century each of these regions developed a semi-unique political atmosphere.

They Seem To Have Relocated The Hub Of Our World

At the end of WWII, Stalin was turning his attentions West in an attempt to challenge democracy there. By assuming the leadership in organizing Western defense, the United States, here represented by the capitol building, provided an effective answer to this challenge.

The Atlantic Pact was a defensive alliance among states, but it was very…