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Would Flit Have Been Better?

Those pesky flies! In an attempt to recharge the New Deal, FDR made an attempt to “purge” democratic members of the Senate who were opposed to his economic policies. In this process FDR backed liberal challengers for senate seats versus the incumbent in the 1938. The purge turned out to be one of the worst political missteps in FDR’s presidency, as…

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

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What is the difference between these two drawings? A noticeable shift in public opinion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt occurred from his election in 1936 to his campaigning for a third term in 1940, . Shown here in 1936 with his sidekick, Postmaster General John Farley, FDR is seen a clear leader. However, by the time of the election in 1940,…

Suggestions for Further Improvements to Lafeyette Square

Lafayette Park is a large public park located directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. Here it has been changed from a public park into a parking lot. The sign being held by the statute states that parking for party members will be 25 cents but for economic royalists will costs 25 dollars. ‘

Economic Royalist’ was a term…