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Looks like Uncle Sam is going in for an upgrade! This 1908 cartoon shows how throughout most of the early twentieth century the United States went through many technological advances. With European powers acting as competition the United States was feeling the pressure to be competitive with Europe, especially with World War I approaching.

"The Three Musketeers Celebrate"

The Three Musketeers may not be so happy with the spin on their slogan. This celebration of the Axis powers took place in 1941, one year after Japan joined.


However Hitler may not exactly be saluting! In 1938 the United States was demanding the repayment of Austria’s debt after Hitler invaded and assumed control of the country. The United States believed that despite the change in government, the country should still be accountable for their debt. The U.S. insisted that Hitler should repay all the…

"Somebody's Wrong"

Who’s right here? Both can’t be true. During World War II, both the British and the Germans were providing misinformation about their naval battles. Both sides wanted to appear strong to possible allies and as a result, the international community saw disagreeing statements. Instead of influencing other nation’s opinions in the…