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Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of...power? This cartoonist is comparing United States senator John L. Lewis with Hitler because both men were against major social reform. Lewis was a strong opponent of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and his hatred for the coddling of the working man is comparable to Hitler’s own, according to this…

"The Three Musketeers Celebrate"

The Three Musketeers may not be so happy with the spin on their slogan. This celebration of the Axis powers took place in 1941, one year after Japan joined.

"Spontaneous Combustion?"

Looks like Hitler is going to try and put that fire out! Originally declaring its neutrality in 1939, Romania was eventually drawn into the Axis side of the war when approached with a potential invasion by the Nazi’s. Unfortunately for Germany, after the tide of war turned against them, Romania turned to the allies and decided to help them in…


Although the World looks relieved now, it may not be for long! This cartoonist is describing a meeting between Nazi Germany and the countries France and England, focusing on the peace terms met in an event called the “Second Armistice at Compiègne .” This event occurred right after Hitler took over France and part of the English…


However Hitler may not exactly be saluting! In 1938 the United States was demanding the repayment of Austria’s debt after Hitler invaded and assumed control of the country. The United States believed that despite the change in government, the country should still be accountable for their debt. The U.S. insisted that Hitler should repay all the…