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"Boys Will Have Fun"

Seems like France and Italy are going to continue toying with England! 1937 was a year in which England was beginning to face serious fighting with Germany. When they looked to France and Italy for possible aid they found that there would be much consideration on theri part, but end up making no serious commitment. History Learning Site, Italy…

"The Three Musketeers Celebrate"

The Three Musketeers may not be so happy with the spin on their slogan. This celebration of the Axis powers took place in 1941, one year after Japan joined.

"No Rest for the Wary"

Look at Italy go! He seems like he is doing his best to maintain neutrality and ignore other treaties being thrown at him, however, it seems like he will not be able to maintain this balancing act for much longer! Especially with this balancing act happening in 1939 and World War II approaching!