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Franklin The Great

Does President Franklin D. Roosevelt have anything up his sleeves? He seems to want the American public to think that there is “nothing up his sleeve”, however, the hidden rabbit with the tag “next surprise appointment” is seen. During his time as President, FDR appointed many people including a two supreme court justices. However, this cartoon…

Clear and Much Cooler

Tracking the outcome of the 1938 Senatorial Primaries, FDR is looking to see the effects of his planned “purge” of the Senate. This “purge” consisted of FDR backing liberal challengers to incumbent senators from states who were opposed to his New Deal policies.[1] The plan would be considered one of FDR’s greatest missteps. [1]Susan Dunn.…


President Franklin D. Roosevelt is shown here forcing the Democratic Party, represented by a donkey, the party’s mascot, to accept the New Deal as it would otherwise lead to their death. Resistance to the New Deal was prevalent in the years leading up to this cartoon. Republican Herbert Hoover was one of the main opponents against the New Deal as…