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Who Was That Convoy I Saw You With Last Night?

Convoy or patrol? That is the question. FDR is shown here explaining that his perceived naval convoy is in fact just a naval patrol. This distinction was very important to FDR as the American public disapproved of his naval expenses. FDR maintained that the naval build up was strictly for defensive purposes in the years leading up to World War…

All American Squad 1937

Wow. I want to be on President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s team! Here FDR is shown alongside other major political players of the year 1937 as a football team. This cartoon gives a comical look at the politicians of the time while depicting them as a cohesive unit. Others included in this cartoon are the likes of Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts and…

Still Pinned Down Right There
In the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy was criticized heavily for not taking more aggressive action in Cuba. Many politicians as well as the public felt that by not taking it upon himself to be in charge of a more aggressive campaign against communism in Cuba, Kennedy was abandoning the principles set out in the…