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Gen. F. Edmunds, “Dealer in John Bull Scarecrows,” was actually a senator from Vermont during the years from 1866-1891. As senator, Edmunds was known for being an economic protectionist. Protectionists supported high tariffs on foreign imports in order to protect American products and industries. Protectionists policies kept the price of foreign…

Untitled: PUCK
During the period from 1890 to 1911, when this cartoon was published, the United States was experiences a mass influx of immigrants. Because big cities such as New York and Chicago became crowded with foreigners, many Americans sought refuge from the din in the country. However with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, industry trade enticed many…


Seems like these guys are really going at it for that nomination! The race for the 1894 Republican nomination seems to have been particularly fierce that year with four candidates considered for the nomination.