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You President Baiting, Whiskey Drinking, Poker Playing, Evil Old Men!
Here we see President Franklin D. Roosevelt wagging his finger at the House and Senate as they play poker. FDR is chastising the two poker players over the the subject of neutrality. in August, when this cartoon was published, the 76th Congress was considering repealing the Neutrality Act of 1937, which would allow belligerent nations to purchase…

Would Flit Have Been Better?

Those pesky flies! In an attempt to recharge the New Deal, FDR made an attempt to “purge” democratic members of the Senate who were opposed to his economic policies. In this process FDR backed liberal challengers for senate seats versus the incumbent in the 1938. The purge turned out to be one of the worst political missteps in FDR’s presidency, as…

The Slide Show
The 1940 presidential election was particularly significant for FDR as he was seeking his third presidential term. At this time there was no law indicating that the president could only serve two terms and FDR was furiously campaigning to seek a third nomination. He is shown in this cartoon as trying to sway possible Republican voters over to his…

Counting the Points

Looks like the Republicans and the Democrats have been really going at it! 1940 was an election year and the two main fighters were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie. This cartoon in particular is showing how both candidates are evenly matched in their fight for the presidency.