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He Can't Take Much More
The world looks like he cannot take much more! Commenting on the tensions various nations had with each other before World War II, the artist here is commenting on how eventually the world will soon explode with conflict.


Although the World looks relieved now, it may not be for long! This cartoonist is describing a meeting between Nazi Germany and the countries France and England, focusing on the peace terms met in an event called the “Second Armistice at Compiègne .” This event occurred right after Hitler took over France and part of the English…

Still Pinned Down Right There
In the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy was criticized heavily for not taking more aggressive action in Cuba. Many politicians as well as the public felt that by not taking it upon himself to be in charge of a more aggressive campaign against communism in Cuba, Kennedy was abandoning the principles set out in the…

They Seem To Have Relocated The Hub Of Our World

At the end of WWII, Stalin was turning his attentions West in an attempt to challenge democracy there. By assuming the leadership in organizing Western defense, the United States, here represented by the capitol building, provided an effective answer to this challenge.

The Atlantic Pact was a defensive alliance among states, but it was very…

No Tail Can Wag This Dog

This poor dog is unlucky. It has a grenade in its belly. After WWII the world erupted in a Cold War, where Soviet Russia and the United States faced off in an arms race. The United States was concerned with Soviet Russia’s attempts to spread Communism globally. If the pin of a grenade is pulled, it triggers the fatal blast. In this depiction the…