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Something in the Air

In the analogy to the papal election process, the democratic donkey observes the third term talk for FDR. The possibility of FDR being up for a third presidential term was a highly contested issue on the eve of the 1940 presidential election as FDR was not a desirable nominee for many democrats

The possibility of receiving a third presidential term created a great deal of controversy for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Pictured here with some of his closest advisers Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes, Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins, and Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace, FDR is faced with an opposition of the GOP and…

Taken For A Ride?
This cartoon provides a glimpse at the debate of whether FDR should be allowed a third term as President. The Gallup Poll shown represents a public opinion poll conducted by a non-government organization known as the Institute of Public Opinion.[1] This cartoon shows how the majority of the nation was not in favor of FDR receiving a third…