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James Monroe Museum Political Cartoons

Our mission is to display in a digital format the complete collection of the one-hundred and fourteen cartoons dating from the 1890s to the 1960s housed at the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library. We did our best to provide context on the various issues and events portrayed within the cartoon collection. We pledge that the information presented is both honest and inclusive to the best of our knowledge and research.

Song to Poland

Can Hitler carry a tune? Doesn’t look like it. Here we see Hitler singing the words to the song “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes” by Ruth Etting. Hitler’s emotional singing is directed to… ...more

Our Deepest Sympathy Mr. President

On September 7, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt lost his mother, Sara.[1] Sara Roosevelt was 86 at the time of her passing. The act of Uncle Sam sympathizing with FDR shows how the nation as a… ...more


President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, depicted here, represented the two opposing political sides of the debate over how to solve the Great Depression. Hoover represented the… ...more

What Will The Harvest Be?

Seems like the Republicans are doing a great job mowing over Springfield, Illinois! In preparation for the 1936 election year, the Republican party held a “grassroots” convention… ...more

Recent Items

Page of the Monroe Doctrine

This is a page of the orignial transcirption of the Monroe Doctrine. ...more

And 1940 is a Leap Year

Leap Years, in which the month of February has an extra day, occur only once every four years. On that extra day, marvelous and extraordinary things can happen.

As it turns out, the 1940… ...more

I Kinda Think 1940 is Going to be a Young Man's Year

In 1940 the Democratic presidential candidate was incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Republican party was made up of a diverse group of political hopefuls: Hoover, Vandenberg, La Guardia,… ...more


The candidates are melting! We see potential Republican nominees for the 1952 Presidential elections, Thomas Dewey of New York, Robert Taft of Ohio, and Harold Stassen of Minnesota. Watching… ...more

The Cup That Cheers

Straw polls, or a straw vote is an “unofficial ballot conducted as a test of public opinion. Here the Republicans and the Democrats are competing to “drink” the most straw… ...more